One day excursion at the northwest Chio with the exceptional wild natural beauty of Amani and the unique cave of Agio Gala (Ηoly Milk).

Following the central road Chora-Volissos and headibg upwards to the Aipos plateau with panoramic view towards Chios town and coasts on the Minor Asia, we arrive at the Monastery of Moundon. Nowdays is a deserted monastery, but during the ottoman period and the previous centuries was a thriving religious center. It is dedicated to Agios Ioannis Theologos (Saint John the evangelist) and it was founded during the byzantine period.

It was the second most important monastic center in Chios, after the monastery Iera Moni,.At the temple of the monastery you can see wall frescoes of 1730, in great condition with a strong folklore style and bold polymorphy. After this visit, we stop at the picturesque village of Katavasi, the place where lived as an hermit the Saint Matrona from Chiliopodi. We stop for coffee at the beautiful café of the village  under the plain and fir trees and the spring water fountains.

Our next stop is Volissos, the head village of northwest Chios. It is a place with rich history from the ancient years, that has kept intact its traditional architecture. The first thing that catches the eye is the dominant castle that overlooks the village and is dated from the byzantine period. We take a walk around its narrow alleys that are paved with pebbles and see the restored stone houses with the flat roofs.

Afterwards we continue northwest towards the mount Amani, and we pass the villages Pyrama, Trypes and Melanios, and we arrive at Agio Galas. We visit the cave of Agio Gala, where at its entrance is build the church of Panagia Agiogalousena, a byzantine church of cross shaped architecture style, of the 13th – 14th century. This place, during the byzantine period, was a hermit destination for monks who wanted to live away from  people.  If you walk around the cave you can see stalagmites and stalactites decorating the place. We have free time at the recreational area of Agio Gala, a place where you can sample local tastes, see the around natural beauty and of course have a lunch or a drink under the trees. (

After wards (if you want is not obligatory), we pay a visit to the Ariousio Winery at Egrigorio. The wine was one of the most famous and exceptional products that Chios was producing in the ancient times. God Dionysos, according the myth, blessed the Island and according the antiquity historian Theopompos, Oinopion that was considered to be the god’s son, taught the Chios’s people, how to plant and cultivate vines in order to produce the famous black wine.

The Ariousion wine company, went ahead and created a hall where organized groups, or individuals can visit the area, have a tour and through a dvd show, can have a glimpse to its history, as well as sample the products and local delicacies. (Wine and Food Tasting Hall ) .

We return to Chios town in the afternoon.

Duration: 7 – 8 hours




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