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Days : SUNDAY (01/07 -02/09)

Departure from Chios: 09:00

Departure from Inousses : 17:00

Trip Duration : 1hr

Eastern of Chios just 1 hour from the island’s port and opposite of lagada, is located the island complex of Inousses. The first image, arriving to the central  port of the island, is the picturesque Aegnousa, a beautiful village built amphitheatrically on a steep hill. Peacful, without extra or loud decorations, is a wonderful destination that welcomes the visitors and invites them to walk around at the narrow cobble stone alleys and just admire the grand and traditional mansions, as this island is the birth and home place of many ship owners.

Entering the picturesque port welcomes the copper statue of a mermaid that wears a tiara and holds a  sailboat on her left hand, that is the  trademark of the island, that states the nautical tradition and history of Inousses. Walking towards the Naftosini  (navalship) square you will see the statue of the Unknown Sailor, the very first statue that was dedicated to the lost sailors and shipmen.

Very impressive and worth to visit are the many churches and chapels on the island. Amongst them the church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nikolas) is standing out, and is the pride of the Island, as well as the monastery of Evagelismos. The impressive frescoes on the walls, are unique and made by the famous hagiographer Fotis Kontoglou.

It is also worth visiting the impressive Maritime Museum, whose exhibits include ship models  (most of which were made by French prisoners in England during the Napoleonic wars), nautical instruments, navy tools, old photographs, paintings, arms collection of the 18th and 19th century as well as utensils from the Geometric Age.

The unique and peaceful scenery, is completed by the natural beauty and the crystal clear beaches with the sparkling pebbles or the golden sand, that are found around the island.

There are plenty restaurants with fresh fish and sea food, ideal to enjoy traditional tastes and delicious meals.


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Adult 01-06-2018 30-09-2018 € 50 per person
Child 01-06-2018 30-09-2018 € 20 per person




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