Our Travel Services

Below you will find information about the range of travel services that we can provide. If you need any additional information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

Air Tickets

As member of I.A.T.A. we have the ability for the direct issue of air tickets for domestic or international flights to destinations all over the world. Our personnel is at your disposal to serve you and provide with the best possible choice of air tickets at very low prices.

Boat Tickets

We can provide you with a wide choice of ferry boat tickets to many domestic destinations in the Aegean and the port of Piraeus in Athens. We have tickets for daily ferry trips from Chios to the Turkish port of Cesme.

We also have tickets for Adriatic Lines, which depart from Patra and Igoumenitsa and travel to destinations in Italy including Venice, Angona and Bari.

Boat Tickets

For more information, please head over and visit our page for Ferry Tickets.


One very important department in our office is the one that arranges accommodation and reservations at hotels in Chios, all around Greece as well as all over the world, through a very reliable network of cooperators. We can offer quality accommodation at competitive prices, always adapted to the requirements of our clients.

At the same time we have the experience to provide you with luxurious and comfortable accommodation in pre-chosen hotels in Turkey. Our exceptional relationship with hotel owners and managers allows us to continually offer accommodation at competitive prices and at a very high quality.

Hotels & Accommodation with Sunrise Tours

Tours & Excursions

With the organized excursions that take place in Chios mainly during the summer months, as well as specific year round tours for groups and school excursions, you are able to discover and visit the most important sites and religious pilgrimages of the island.

A trip to times long gone, under the sweet smell of mastic and the bright light of the Aegean and the peaceful feeling that comes from the local saints. From the cave of the Holy Milk in the north and the archaic settlement of Emborio at the Byzantine nea Moni and the kastrohoria of the south Chios, the medieval Avgonyma and Anavatos, the so called “Mistras of Aegean Sea”.

That is a trip to a different side of Greece, untouched and traditional in the north-west part of Chios, with the exceptional wild beauty of Amani, the dense vegetation and the spring water, the holy pilgrimage of Agia Markela (Saint Markela), the castle village of Volissos, the wineries and the azure beaches. Take a tour of the fishing villages of north-east Chios, to the villages that founded the nautical tradition of the island, such as Lagada and Kardamila, and also to the Homeric saga of Daskalopetra. You can also tour the narrow streets with the stone-built mansions and enjoy the wonderful perfumes that travel from the orange and citrus valley in Kampos.

Sunrise Tours & Excursions

At the same time "Sunrise Tours" operate as a central organizer for excursions in Turkey. With one-day as well as multiple-day excursions, that we often organize to the Minor Asia’s coast with experienced tourist guides, and accommodation in 4 and 5 star hotels that we have chosen very carefully, you will have the opportunity to meet a different world and experience a different type of holidays. Seeing amazing treasures from antiquity such as Ephesus, Pergamos, Troy, Militos, Aphrodisiada, Priini, through to large tourist resorts such as Cesme, Kousadasi, Bodrum, Alikarnassos, Marmarida and more. Additionally you can visit cities that are important cultural and financial centers of the greater area such as Constantinople and Smirni. Our trips to Turkey cover a large geographical area, from the minor Asia coast to Constantinople, Pontos, Cappadocia and Attalia to the Mediterranean coast.

Furthermore throughout the year we are organizing excursions to the mainland of Greece, the Peloponnese as well as the Greek islands and we are cooperating with reliable coach companies, fully experienced tour guides and hotels of exceptional quality, that offer pleasant and comfortable accommodation.

During the last few years, after our initiative, we offered our customers the chance to visit the Dodecanese with organized holiday packages, and this move was very successful so to be included in our services. You'd be mistaken if you think that there is no direct connection with Chios by sea or air to islands such as Patmos, Leros, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Kos, Nissyros, Symi, as well as Kastelorizo, which has became a favourite holiday destination for residents of Chios. Those who have visited these islands have brought back many wonderful memories and the promise to return.

Student Excursions

Our Agency undertakes and organizes student excursions following the rules and guides of the Ministry of Education. So trips to destinations all over Greece, as well as in destinations out of Greece, are our expertise. With reliable cooperators, efficient services and insurance cover by "INTERAMERICAN" we make sure that we will offer an unforgettable and unique experience for students and their teachers.

Student Tours & Excursions

Agency for Boats and Recreation Vessels

"Sunrise Tours" is member of the A1 Yachting network that has agencies all over Greece and offers complete support to tourist vessels. It has online unified pricing, can efficiently and quickly complete custom formalities and passport checking, fuel supply, can arrange for a stay at the port as well as excursions on the island for passengers.

Our Agency has an experienced staff that can efficiently serve tourist boats, not only at the central port, but at many more ports and marinas of Chios, and can help with anything needed during their stay on the island.

More specifically we can undertake:

  • Entrance / Exit Formalities (clearance in/out)
  • Visa and Passport checking formalities
  • Technical Support
  • Provision services
  • Refueling
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  • Offices Services
  • Medical assistance
  • Car Rental
  • Guided Tours and Transfers

In addition, we undertake brokerage services of merchant ships or tankers that are docked or in transit via Chios for the purpose of refueling, crew change, unloading, cleaning or inspecting the ships with a diver as well as customs or passport procedures.