Sunrise Lines

In the most beautiful North Aegean neighborhood, the company "Sunrise Lines" was founded in 2003 with the purchase of the "SAN NICOLAS" ferry boat. Since then it has been connecting Chios with the port of Cesme in Turkey, with frequent services throughout the year, with the primary aim being to provide a comfortable and uninterrupted connection between the two countries.

In 2006 our company took over the management of the "OINOUSSAI III" ferry, which provides daily connections and trips to the nearby island of Oinousses, and during the high season we operate additional trips to Cesme.

It is a boat that has a capacity of 250 passengers, 25 vehicles and a single 13 meter bus or truck. With our track record, speed and security, we strive to continuously upgrade our services with improved reliability in order to provide a consistent service.

Sunrise Tours

The most important aspect of all of our efforts over the years is our passengers, who have constantly helped to support our company, and we are committed to show not only our gratitude but also to reinforce the trust and faith that they have put into us.

Even during the winter season with the reduced demand and the difficult water conditions at sea, the trips are carried out as scheduled (weather permitting), always taking great care for the safety of our passengers, with the security of the Chios seamen and seawomen as well as the seaworthiness of our ships.

Despite the difficult times and the new environment of deep economic crisis, over the past 15 years we have managed to maintain the continued presence of the Greek flag in a strategic line, and most importantly with private investment and without any state subsidy.

With just one 35-minute connection, we bring closer ....

  • The West with the East
  • Greece and Turkey
  • The island elegance with the cosmopolitan character of Turkey's west coast
  • The strong friendships that have been created at a private but local institutional level between the peoples of both sides of the Aegean
  • The culture, history and tradition, as well as the everyday way of life
  • The island's flavors and the Turkish cuisine
  • The anxieties and desires of the people of the two countries but mainly those from Chios and Smyrni

Holidays to Turkey

Chios is a popular and easily accessible destination for the Turkish people that find in our island opportunities for long or short holidays, recreation, shopping or relaxing weekends. Respectively, Smyrni is one of the most popular destinations for the residents of Chios and visitors to the island that are able to find all the possibilities that this historical and cosmopolitan city has to offer. It is Smirni with the large traditional flea market, as well as the various department stores, the economical offers for luxurious accommodation and relaxation, the historical seashore with the neoclassic mansions, the picturesque (Fragomahalas) the most sung about town of Kordelio and the Greek community, that over the last few years has kept alive the traditions of the Greek and Christian element in the city.

The strong and reliable cooperation and relationship of "Sunrise Tours" with the Turkish suppliers and business people mean that we can offer top quality services at very competitive prices for our clients, with personal contact and communication and direct information for everything new and interesting that arises in the tourist market of the area. With great respect to our customers as well as our Turkish suppliers, we can provide in addition to boat ticket for traveling to Turkey, the following:

  • Transport and Tours by coaches
  • Guided Tours with official Greek (or other languages – depending the group's ethnicity) speaking operators
  • Reservations at selected hotels in cities all over Turkey
  • Air Tickets for domestic and international flights that depart from Turkey
  • Car Rentals